Boston's Best Dog Walking Sites

Ever go somewhere and feel like you can’t bring your furry friends along for the journey? Well Boston is a city that has managed to maintain a very pet friendly and in particular dog friendly atmosphere across all the neighborhoods in the city. With parks, reclaimed land, and numerous off leash dog parks Boston has managed to become one of the most pet friendly cities around! Here’s some of the best places to go for a walk, and bring a fuzzy friend.


Chestnut Hill Reservation

A nice flat walk amongst some gorgeous natural scenery surrounding the reservoir with a mostly paved and regularly maintained path whether it’s a jog, or just a casual stroll it’s a great place to spend time outside with your pets. With lots of parking at different locations around the park and a short walk away from Commonwealth avenue where you can grab a warm coffee it’s a perfect morning, afternoon or evening walk.

Arnold Arboretum

With some hills, and lots of tree coverage it feels as if you’ve been transported far out of the cityscape to the Massachusetts countryside, especially if you take one of the paths that meander through the middle of the park. Enjoy a peaceful walk through the forest and take your time, with lots of information plaques around to tell you about different trees, or types of brush cover. Let your walk become an educational experience, as well as a decompressing experience.

Joe Moakley Park

Located directly across the street from Carson Beach in the old harbour Moakley Park has a number of off leash fenced in areas, jogging tracks, and dog friendly patio and even indoor dining restaurants. So go sunbathe and get lunch before you play fetch at this amazing location right in the middle of the City.

Boston Commons

A great place no matter what season it is, wide open fields that are pet friendly restaurants surrounding the park and even vendors across the paths when the weather warms. Embrace the history of Boston and enjoy walking around the 100 year old fields where livestock were brought for market, and seeing the evolution of Boston personified. Students now take the place of farmers, and hot dog carts are the new vendors, with lots of parking available and a major train station on either side. This makes it one of the most accessible places in the city that is wide and open and perfect for a meeting with friends, relaxation, or just dog walk.