Doing Laundry in Boston

Whether you live, visit, or are moving to Boston there’s always a few things to be aware of, most importantly how close is the grocery store and of course where’s the laundromat? It’s almost impossible to find an apartment with an in unit washer and dryer (though that is the dream) in Boston, because many of the buildings are older and do not even have the ability to put a washer and dryer in. And of course; everybody hates walking to the corner laundromat, or having to go to the communal laundry area, navigating narrow staircases, and spending time in dingy basements. The basket on wheels full of laundry is a far too common sight in the city, or even just somebody struggling with a giant sack slung over one shoulder. Laundry is the ultimate weekend killer, the supreme midweek disaster and if you’re not even in your own home for instance it can be very frustrating to figure out even how to get any of it done! Staying in a furnished apartment with an unfamiliar laundry room, or machine can be daunting, nobody wants to leave their clothes unattended in a place they don’t know, but even worse nobody wants to sit there waiting for their clothes to be clean, there are other better things to be doing.

So let’s switch to using a service where somebody does the washing up for you, and traditionally this would have meant bringing your clothes to a dry cleaners or other launders and then returning to pick it up but no longer. Pick-up and drop-off laundry has arrived! With a service like this it no longer matters how far away the laundry machine is, all you need to do is schedule a pick-up and then wait for clean folded clothes to come back. For a working professional like a traveling nurse, or executive a service like this can become an invaluable timesaver. Or for the student who simply hates doing their laundry, outsource it, and feel just like a little kid again when laundry was magically done and folded before it even crossed your mind. 

One of the premiere companies in Boston taking the market by storm is Rinse, from servicing high rises, homes, and now STARS guests, from the convenience of your phone or laptop get your laundromat trip set up and taken care of! Rinse has been kind enough to  partner with STARS of Boston! Our guests can have their laundry and dry cleaning picked up, cleaned, and delivered directly to their doors! Rinse is even offering an exclusive offer for STARS of Boston guests - new customers get $50 of Rinse credit ($10 off your first 5 orders) when they sign up today. Visit to create your free Rinse account and claim your $50 credit.

We are incredibly excited to announce this partnership and hope that those who have stayed with us in the past look to their own home cities as well to see if Rinse is available there!