Emergency Housing: The off season

When disaster strikes, it can leave families struggling to find emergency housing and resources. For victims of a housing emergency, the aftermath of such devastation can be especially harrowing and difficult to manage. Even without a major natural disaster taking place, unexpected living arrangements can come up suddenly for a variety of reasons – making it necessary for people to seek emergency housing options throughout different times of year. Finding ourselves in the dead of winter, now is the perfect time for insurance adjusters and those dealing with emergencies around the country to actually find some emergency-furnished home options quickly. However just because you can find a place to get a roof over your head quickly doesn't mean you should jump on the first place that comes along. In order to avoid some headache we hope to provide you with tools and considerations that should be employed during the process of choosing safe and reliable off-season residence when disasters occur.

Since it's the middle of winter and in the off-season (especially for Boston) you may have your pick of neighborhoods and streets. That makes it relatively easy to pick a safe neighborhood like Brookline, or Allston-Brighton. Despite the relatively low crime rate in and around Boston it is still important to stay vigilant and be sure you're headed to an area that will make you feel safe when you walk out the door. Especially after a traumatic incident or when finding housing for/with family, it's important you and everybody you are with knows' that they are safe. Many adjusters and agents can help you find this information but it pays to be informed.

The next tool in your arsenal we suggest is always be sure to view the property if you're able to. Similar to being sure if the area is safe a viewing informs you of the types of businesses (if any) in the area, as well as the type of people, but most importantly you get to double-check if it has everything that was advertised. It's very important to find a reliable company that is there for their tenants and will provide the promised amenities, and maintenance should it be required, a viewing often allows you as a potential renter to get a feel for both of those variables; as well as checking the condition prior to move in.

Lastly, when it comes to the length of lease or stay it is important to be sure you have flexible options as the renter. Options to get out with notice should you find permanent housing or repair to your home go quicker, or options to extend should they go longer. Both of these are important to consider especially when you are dealing in the off-season, as you may be able to get an extension much more easily through the summer instead of needing to find housing again should you run out of a lease

Ultimately we recommend you treat finding emergency housing after a home disaster exactly like you would treat finding permanent housing. Though we do also recommend you go through a trusted company with accreditations because they will have the best options to take care of your family. With agents who are trained to help in these situations, it makes the stress of finding those safe neighborhoods that have grocery stores within walking distance and finding those well-maintained apartments easy. Many of them have established relationships with landlords, or like in the case with STARS of Boston, we own our supply of apartments and ensure it is maintained to the highest possible quality.

If you or anybody you know is in need of emergency STARS of Boston is here to help reach out to us at info@STARSofBoston.com or click through our listings.