The Benefits of Renting an Apartment Over a Hotel When You’re Traveling With Pets

If you're traveling with pets, you know that finding a pet-friendly hotel can be a challenge. Not only are they hard to find, but hotels often charge outrageous fees for guests with pets. Furnished apartments offer an alternative solution for travelers with pets. At STARS of Boston, we have many furnished apartments that are pet-friendly and accessible to anyone who wants to travel with their furry friend. This means more room for your pet to roam and more comfort overall. Furnished apartments are also perfect for long-term stays, as they provide all the amenities of a home away from home for humans and animals of all kinds.

Pets love having some space of their own - even if it's only temporary. Staying in a long-term hotel isn't ideal, since pets can't really make themselves feel at home. Sure, they might get a bed or litter box in the corner, but it's just not enough to make pets feel comfortable and relaxed, anybody who has ever moved with a cat understands the panic a pet can experience while being brought to a new place. That's why for any trips that involve pets, getting a furnished apartment is a much better option. In an apartment, setting pets are given more room to relax and nestle into cozy little spots like in front of the radiator. Not to mention pets love being able to explore and mark various parts of the apartment as their own, which will ensure a happy pet no matter where you travel together!

Overall, staying in a furnished apartment is the perfect option for people and pets. Furnished apartments feature all of the amenities of home and provide plenty of room for exploration opportunities inside and out. Plus, the STARS of Boston units are pet friendly so you don't have to worry about leaving your furry companion at home. Furnished apartments are also more comfortable than hotels most folks find, just because there are more options for seating and laying, activity spaces like tables and desks, and for the real long-term stayer, a kitchen, which is essential to not only being healthy but saving money because ordering out can be very expensive, especially once you do it more than once in a week.

Furnished apartments provide a place that is also incorporated into the city you're staying in, rarely will you find a tourist trap outside of your front door; but with a hotel, it's usually a feat to avoid them outside of a hotel. We try to put our homes in the most comfortable and walkable neighborhoods around with parks for pets and children, restaurants, and boutiques, we really try to justify your expense by putting you in the nicest areas possible, unlike hotels which put you wherever their location happens to be, and generally are right in the center of the city with no escape from the hustle and bustle and noise of the city.

So while a furnished apartment may seem expensive take into consideration the comfort factor and that in many cases the nightly rates are actually less than that of your average hotel in Boston and you do get a discount for staying monthly with most companies. Also consider that with some options the price not only includes the rent but utilities, Wifi, and other amenities such as the furniture itself. It makes the whole traveling experience much better on the whole when everything is set up right from the beginning, and like we said you will have access to the amazing parkways of Boston right from your front door.

So if you’re like most pet owners, you want to make sure your furry friend is as comfortable as possible when you travel. That’s why furnished apartments are a great option – they provide all the amenities of a hotel (including room service for your pet!) but also allow your pet to be right by your side. Plus, with our luxurious accommodations, you won’t have to sacrifice any of the comforts of home while on vacation. Have we convinced you yet? If not, take a look at some of our properties and see for yourself how much better an extended stay in one of our furnished apartments can be than in a cramped hotel room. We think your pet will thank you!