Welcome To Boston From STARS

Boston, an old world city rapidly being modernized with many new buildings, companies, and industries coming together. But In the new year you’re still able to get some old world charm out of the New Year in this rapidly modernizing city. Between the growing skyscrapers and the old buildings there’s a lot of charm still available to any visitor coming to our fine city. From the Prudential Center, to The Boston Common, and the Reservoirs, we have so much to offer and so many different attractions and locations to visit.

Boston as one of the oldest continuously functioning cities, and centers of commerce in the United States has a slew of different architectural styles, cultures, and people. Our roads may not be easy to navigate but it becomes worth the confusion just to experience the smallest big city around. Between the construction sites where new towers, and educational facilities are flying up; there is a certain loyalty to the city itself and the people want to see the history remain as we grow. The tiny narrow streets and alleyways of the North End and the Italian quarter, which are reminiscent of a visit to Italy, full of the smells of seaside town, and the memories of all the citizens who strode across the cobblestones is one of the most beautiful places to find yourself especially on a brisk January afternoon. Help yourself to a local coffee or espresso, while grabbing a classic Cannoli, an absolutely delicious staple of the North End. Or, if shopping is more your game, find time to visit Newbury Street and see all the Boutiques, Shops, and Galleries. Endless aisles of clothing, Jewelry, and anything else an avid fashion fan could want are available for your pleasure along Newbury and when it’s time for an escape just walk one street over and enjoy the lit up trees of the Commonwealth Promenade; a lovely extended park perfect for relaxing away from the hustle and bustle. 

There’s something for everybody, and we have a number of different communities to thank for the changing landscape of the city. With 35 institutions of higher learning, and over 150,000 students on average coming to Boston annually the city has a culture that is both distinctly Boston while also very much not. Students travel from across the country, the oceans, and even the street to attend classes at some of the most prestigious and advanced places of Higher Education. This has brought culture and growth to our city, but it has also instilled a love for what we have to offer beyond the Citgo sign. From the high end to low end we here at STARS of Boston plan to take you on a guided adventure through our city, showing you everything we think you need to know, see, or do before leaving.


Thank you and have a great Year. We look forward to hosting you.