Apps to Keep You Safe While Traveling

Traveling can be one of the most amazing things you can do, but it can also be one the scariest things you do. The two are not even mutually exclusive, you can be terrified, and ecstatic all at the same time and this is a list of apps that will help you feel less scared and more excited.

Sitata Travel Safe

One stop shop safety advice for 200 or so countries, the company who developed Sitata monitors local media wherever you may be for safety threats, disease outbreaks, violent protests and any other hazardous conditions. There are even safety ratings for each location that you can search based on media reports. It also has a social function that allows travelers to review their experiences and warn other users against scams which are so common to tourists anywhere in the world.

Nord VPN

VPNs aren’t just for streaming Netflix and getting new libraries, they are also a critical part of cyber security and many companies use them to secure their employees, and private networks. Now you have the power to do all this right from the convenience of your phone anywhere you want on the planet. Nord VPN makes it impossible for most hackers to see your credit card information when purchasing anything online, setting up a reservation, or even just scrolling. All these activities leave you open especially in a place where you are not familiar.


This app helps all sorts of travelers and their families feel safe by giving friends and family a way to track their loved ones when away, and giving the traveler a way to instantly contact those same friends and family in the event of an attacker or other emergency, by using a key phrase the app will actually activate video and audio recording that is automatically sent to the selected individuals who can view it live. The phone will also start playing alarms and give the option to call emergency services. 


One of our personal favorites, it provides you with helpful tips about the culture, history, and the economic state of wherever you may be traveling. It’s incredibly useful to not only help plan a trip but also keep you on track. It has helped me personally avoid doing some things that would have been considered rude by just warning me. For instance I was unaware that flashing the “Peace” sign in some countries is actually very similar to using your middle finger in the United States. The best part about TripLingo is really in the name. It provides a live conversation translator which opens up an entirely new world of travel