Boston Buried: Snow Finally Came

Returning to work after the first major snowstorm of 2022 has become a trial by bravery for most with a severe lack of snow removal crews and an over abundance of snow the citizens of Boston are buried. Parking is the number one concern for many who have experienced the snowfall. With so much snow and so few removal crews the number of parking spots has decreased on many city street by at least one or two, and in some cases there are entire streets still buried (We’re looking at you Cambridge). Mayor Wu Released a statement on January 28th in preparation for the storm declaring a snow emergency, and outlining that with labor shortages it could be up to a week following the last of the snowfall before all streets are returned to their normal traffic flows. Even though the city has received less snow than originally anticipated we are still struggling to keep up.

Fortunately a time honored city tradition is still being observed by many in the form of space savers. When you go through the time and effort of digging out a car the last thing anybody wants to have happen is the loss of all that time and effort. So when the storm struck Mayor Wu was sure to include in her press release on the 28th that space savers should be honored for at least 48 hours after the end of the snow emergency. As well as offering reduced cost parking in some garages during the emergency in an effort to keep streets clear. However it seems like the timeline provided by the Mayor’s office may have been optimistic. It’s just another winter in the Northeast ultimately, and we are feeling the effects more heavily than normal due to, again, the labour shortages that have come up as a result of Covid-19. 

However it’s not all doom and gloom here in the city as sledding conditions are perfect, and folks are flocking to ski resorts to pick up the powder while it lasts, because as many New Englanders know we have been very lucky and had a number of mild winters these past few years. But now it is time to risk losing your parking spot to get out to the slopes, try mountains such as Blue Hills, Nashoba Valley, or Wachusett Mountain all of which are around an hour away from Boston and all trails are open! It’s the perfect time to get the full New England experience if you are here for any reason, work, play, or just plain visiting, even though we are buried we are proud New Englanders and excited to get out and play as much as we shovel. So here’s hoping you have a great snowy week and enjoyed the snow day!