Easy Meal Types in a Vacation Rental

We’ve all been there, you’re halfway through a trip and don’t want to go out to yet another restaurant and spend more money, plus you bought some groceries at the beginning of your stay thinking you would try and be thrifty. So what do we all do when we are in that vacation rental we go to the kitchen and are often underwhelmed at the cooking utensils provided, and even if the kitchen is well equipped do you really want to create a whole mess of dishes? I know I never do even when I’m home; so here’s a few ideas for quick and simple meals to prepare while in a vacation rental.

Sheet Pan Meals

Most every meal can be made on a single sheet pan but chicken and vegetables almost always hit the spot and are just so simple that midway through a trip there’s no going wrong preparing that. Season your vegetables directly on the tray and then some pieces of chicken or other protein on top, season and bake. Within 30-45 minutes a delicious home cooked meal every time!

One Pot Pastas

Another simple meal is always pasta, but don’t break out more than one pot, a strainer, and spoon. Pasta cooks up so easily and once the water is gone all you need to do is add flavor, cook your fillings and toppings in the same pot and then add pasta back in. It’s the perfect recipe for comfort food with minimal mess and minimal tools.

Tacos or Fajitas

Simple and clean you really just need a cutting board, a knife, and a frying pan or skillet. This meal is simple, quick, and clean, and can really brighten your day being so veggie forward. Definitely an office favorite here at STARS of Boston.

Sandwich and Salad

Easy and tasty one can never go wrong with a salad or sandwich. This quick healthier treat of a meal requires no cooking in most cases and packs a huge flavor punch. Just keep a package of washed lettuce (you choose the variety) and some sliced veggies in the crisper door of your fridge and maybe some sandwich meat. Set for days after that!

Crock Pot Meals

Most furnished apartments should come equipped with a crock pot as well as other basic cooking utilities and it will make an all day cooking experience into 10 minutes of prep and then a few hours of idly waiting for dinner to be done. The only problem with this meal is it requires some thinking ahead, at least by an hour or two to ensure that you actually give your food an opportunity to slow cook. This provides a low stress way to have a hearty meal at the end of the day that multiple can enjoy around the table.

These are just some of the types of meals we hear about our guests making in their apartments while staying with us in Boston. We would love to hear more ideas and even some specific ideas on our Facebook and Instagram pages! Looking forward to seeing you there and hearing about your travelers meals!