Pizza, Beer, and Paul Revere: A Must Do North End Tour

Looking for a unique way to experience the history of Boston? The Pizza, Beer, and Paul Revere Tour is your answer! This tour takes you through the North End of Boston and provides a mix of old and new Boston history. You'll have the opportunity to try some classic Boston foods and drinks while learning about the city's past from your Tye Dyed Tour Guide Jimbo. Whether you're looking for a fun family activity or a way to bond with coworkers, this tour isn't too long and is sure to please even the pickiest of attendees!

Boston's North End is an old and confusing area even to locals. With the twisting and winding alleyways, cobblestone walkways, and Delis that have been around longer than most of the city, it can be quite disorienting. However, getting to know the area with Jimbo's guidance was a lot of fun. Jimbo has been giving tours of Boston professionally for many years and also works in the nightlife scene of the city giving him an insight into Boston most of us don't have. He sees the industry side and the tourist side and seeks to bring those two together; and it helps that he knows every nook and cranny. He was able to show me all the hidden gems that I would have never found on my own. From the best places to get a cannoli to the best spots for people watching, you get to learn it all!

Starting With Modern Bakery versus Mike's Pastry Jimbo teased us with us the delicious display of Italian pastries on our way to the Pizzeria for our slice of warm cheesy goodness, and talked a little about the Cannoli Wars which is a decades-old rivalry between the two Boston Institutions and it even divided the STARS of Boston Staff as we discussed it. But the rubber really hits the road when our Tye Dyed Tour Guide started talking about all the history in the North End.

Not to give away too many secrets but we were definitely given some city history that folks tend to avoid, and even had a few locations in the North End Pointed out to us as great ideas to return to later with friends, families, and even partners. Not only is this an extremely informative tour but the vibes are all right, with a fun fast-paced tour like this you won't be able to get bored, in fact you might find it hard to keep up with everything and that's okay just enjoy the stroll. After taking a tour with Jimbo you will feel surprised at how little of this city you knew existed even if you live here like our friend Josh who said "I’ve been to the North End plenty of times but have not seen or remembered half of what we saw on the tour, and I feel like I have this whole insider knowledge now if I go there with anyone else." and that is Jimbo's goal for you as a guest on his tour.

If you're looking for a fun and interesting way to get to know Boston's North End, we highly recommend taking the Pizza Beer and Paul Revere tour. It was an awesome way to learn about the history of the neighborhood and some of its most famous residents. Plus, it's a great opportunity to try some delicious pizza and beer. Check Jimbo out here: