Vacation in a Home With Friends and Family

Admittedly the last few years have been a boring few years being locked inside, our children in many cases were taking classes at home also going stir crazy, and we couldn’t even go visit Grandma or Grandpa. Now with covid safety getting under control everybody is ready to get out and see the world again, visit each other, see monuments, go to museums, and just gather together as families; and a great way to do this is family or friend vacations. They provide bonding experiences for everybody, a great way to reacquaint with each other, offer a point of rendezvous for families or friend groups that have spread across the country, and even learning opportunities! The only major problem posed by a group vacation especially to a city is where to stay? Hotels are a classic option but what about renting a townhome or apartment for everybody to stay in together?

There are a few benefits to staying together in a vacation rental primarily amongst them is the cost factor, it is an easy cost efficient way to get multiple bedrooms for less than the average going rate of the same number of hotel rooms. This can be a huge advantage to any group of travelers because every dollar saved on housing can be spent on experiences, dining, and going out. As well as being a cheaper option oftentimes a rental of this type will be within a neighborhood as opposed to being a busy area with the hustle and bustle. This allows your group to get the local experience along with the tourist experience, avoid all the tourist traps and overpriced restaurants that are in and around a hotel. Instead, enjoy wandering in and around the neighborhoods of your chosen city and find the hidden gems the locals love, and nice relaxed dining opportunities instead of hoping for a table in case you forget to make a reservation. 

Certainly my favorite part about staying in an apartment or townhome for vacation is the simple fact that it feels like being at home and in many cases, I can even bring my pets which makes the trip all the more enjoyable. Nobody likes leaving their pets behind for a week and hotels oftentimes have strict codes against animals of any kind, but not a rented apartment, so cuddle your dog or cat in a place and enjoy vacation with the entire family. And on top of that staying under one roof can provide a truly pleasant bonding experience between everybody. Remember that camaraderie you always felt with your roommates in your early 20s? Well that same feeling comes rushing back when you and a group of your closest family and friends get together in the same place. Especially after being forced to stay apart for so long, it’s a great way to get reacquainted.

Vacationing in a rental, is a much more relaxed and less sterile environment that is in and of itself a more relaxing experience where you can sink into the bed a little deeper knowing there’s not a cleaning person waiting to come in, and rise a little later knowing that the coffee shop down the street will still have fresh pastries. It really is a the new way to take a trip. For pointers on how to find a good vacation rental check us out here as well.