Boston is Back: Saint Patrick's Day

Saint Patrick’s day as we all know is a holiday that makes Cities come together for camaraderie and fun, and for us here in Boston it’s especially true. With restrictions in Massachusetts being lifted, this weekend is turning out to look like a good time for anybody in Boston. While most festivities have happened in muted excitement for the past few years we can expect a good turn out for the weekend festivities. The Dropkick Murphys are back for their yearly concert and the pub crawls are on. So if you’re in the city for work, play, or any other reason be prepared for some excitement in the streets, and lots of extra people around.

This Saturday on March 19th the Get Lucky Pub Crawl is back and with a list of pubs 35 locations long, some of which we featured here, it’s poised to be one of the best in Boston history. Being the only official pub crawl in Boston with the purchase of your ticket you’ll gain access to pub shuttles to bring you all over to each location, wrist bands to avoid cover charges at each pub, and most excitingly there are even going to be giveaways, sponsored by Howler Head. However the real festivities don’t start until Sunday!

The tradition of the South Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is finally coming back after two years of cancellations due to public health concerns. Starting at 1:00pm on Sunday March 20th the party begins anew, and the city expects it to be bigger than ever. Even with a shorter route starting at the Broadway T station and ending at Farragut road there will still be plenty of places to view the procession and catch glimpses of the performances and moving sculptures that the parade floats. It is a symbol of a return to normalcy we have all been craving as a community wide event, something many cities have been missing for the past two years, which explains the buzz in the air. The Dropkick Murphys even have a chance to perform their yearly concert finally. Bringing back the familiar party atmosphere of the holiday has been an important part of Boston reestablishing itself for the summer season. Spring of 2022 is gearing up to be a busy time, and an exciting resurgence of the city and its communities.