What to Look For in a Furnished Apartment

Hotels are great and AirBnbs can be better, but when you need the professional guarantee of a hotel with the freedom of an AirBNB what do you do? Furnished Apartments of course! They come big, they come small, they come with beds and couches but they don’t always have everything one could need while staying somewhere new. Here’s a list of some features and amenities to look for in your next furnished apartment or corporate stay.

A Fully Equipped Kitchen

A full kitchen is not required for a few nights in a hotel, but it is definitely a requirement for longer stays. If you're on a business trip, work assignment, or traveling for medical treatment that could last many weeks or months. You'll probably become bored of eating and tired of paying for takeout and drive-throughs. Furnished apartments should come ready to go with all the pots, pans, and all the appliances you require. Even if you're across the nation, you'll be able to prepare all of your favorite dishes from scratch just find the closest grocery store.

Laundry on Site

Nothing is more inconvenient or time-consuming than dragging a bag of clothes down the street to the laundromat. You will never have to go through that process if you have the best equipped furnished apartment. If you're searching for an apartment away from home, always be sure to check and see if it has a washing and dryer on the premises. Dry cleaning can be far more inconvenient and expensive than having a set of washers and dryers in the facility.

Space for a Fitness Routine

When choosing between different Furnished Apartments, check for the extras. When it comes to staying in shape, an apartment with a place for yoga, exercise, and other hobbies might be a godsend. Especially if you don't normally go to a nationally franchised Gym. Having space saves money on new gym costs. If being fit and happy is important to you, make sure you have a little extra space to spread out and get some calisthenics in.

Green Spaces

Examine the amount of outdoor space supplied by the apartment, and in the surrounding neighborhood. You'll probably want to spend some time relaxing and extending your legs outside. Even a little patio or balcony might make you feel less pent up. It's also a good idea to look at the parking possibilities available.

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